gem's the green fairy

We can't end like this.

It's kinda like the scene after the ship sinks in Titanic. "Hello! Is anyone alive out there? Can anyone hear me?" 

No matter.

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And apparently my name tags aren't working. hmm. Let's leave it at that.
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gem&#39;s the green fairy

Dead Record Girls play tonight at the Rob Roy!!!

We have been waiting for this gig for AGES and are so excited. Heaps of people are gonna be there tonight and i'm really looking forward to jumping around a bit and screaming my lungs out. It's been a whole WEEK.

We're training up a prospective drummer tomorrow, eeeek!!! Then i'm heading to a hen's night with male strippers and the BIG DAY OUT on Sunday!!!

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Hope to see you people tonight, i have birthday invites to give out!!!

love, gem

P.S. Have lost three kilos in the office weight-loss challenge and am kicking arse against the other girls. Slowly but surely.... the money will be mine! How motivating money and success are...
gem&#39;s the green fairy

gigs gigs gigs

Just a reminder that the Dead Record Girls are playing at the Laundry (50 Johnston St, Fitzroy) this Friday night with Love the Bomb & Vulture of Venus. We are on second, doors open 8.30pm, $5 entry!!! We also just got offered gigs at the Espy and the Ding Dong Lounge as well as another gig at the Vic Hotel!

P.S. Mz Ann Thropik are playing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang on Saturday the 14th January. WOOO!!!
gem&#39;s the green fairy

weird noises coming from the end of a quiet room

WEaiting for 4pm. That's when we were told we could leave. Everyone else in the office left hours ago. I stayed to keep Tracy company. I got her a copy of Eddie Izzard's "Dress to Kill" for christmas. I think EVERYONE should watch Dress To Kill. It's hilarious. Eddie Izzard is so my betrothed. I'm going to get famous and chase him down the street. He'll be in heels so it'll be an easy chase. Even though i am a crap runner.

We were drinking Chandon & Moet for lunch and Tracy thinks i'm still going on it but i swapped mine for apple cider ages ago. She must think i'm wasted.

Oh my god i have been so busy organising gigs and working and buying presents for my friends and trying to see everyone i haven't been able to see. It's all too hard and i love it!

I HAVE TEN DAYS OFF WORK!!! Drink/sleep/walk/play/lounge/love

Which reminds me, we are recording our demo soon. We have four gigs lined up ~{including one at the Ding Dong Lounge in March with DOLL SQUAD}~ and it's so hard promoting without a computer. It's hard doing anything without a computer. But at least we impressed the band booker we wanted to impress and he asked us back and i manaed to get josh's band a gig too. The booker doesn;t know we're an item, i think it will be easier to keep it "Don't ask/dont tell" at this point because i wouldn't want people to think they have to do me a favour for Sister Anxiety every time the Dead Record Girls get a gig, or vice versa.

Everything rocks right now. Except Violet the Satanic Cat. ~{HaTe THe BiTCH!}~

I am going to be so sad when Shannon goes to Canada.
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gem&#39;s the green fairy

We really can't keep this a secret forever.

I need to take more vain webshots, i'm bored of mine. I am supposed to be getting ready to go out, heading to dv8 tonight. Sister Anxiety, Elektro Kore and Zero Natural are playing. I'm getting picked up in an hour.

Lots has happened this week. I'm acting PA to the CEO while his is in Thailand for two weeks. I watched all six hours of Pride & Prej. Our new housemate Brooke moved in. Miranda is back from London. My band.
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